Marina Access Program

Periodically the Mississippi River floods.  Some years more than others.  It has been doing it for thousands of years.

At a River level of around 21 there may be a couple of inches of water on the low spots of the road into the Marina.  Wilson Road typically is not completely covered in water until the River reaches 23-24 feet.  The River at normal pool is 15-16 feet.

The River Island Marina does not expect its members to have to drive through flood water to reach the Marina and their boats (and it is unlikely that St. Charles County will correct the problems with Wilson Road).  Therefore, we have developed the Marina Access Program.  The Program was developed to reimburse our members for the cost of slip rental, covered storage, or base membership in the event of the inability to access the Marina due to flood water on Wilson Road.

Program Details:

Period Covered:  Memorial Day through Labor Day

Benefit Provided:  For each day the River level is at or above 21 feet (as recorded by NOAA on the Grafton, Illinois gauge), the member will be reimbursed based on the member’s annual monthly slip, storage, or membership rate divided by 31).  For example:

20’ slip                        $4.19 per day

28’ slip                        $5.97 per day

30’ slip                        $6.29 per day

Covered Storage         $2.90 per day

Base Membership        $1.93 per day

For example, if the Grafton gauge indicated a reading of 21 feet or higher on 23 days over the course of the summer, the member with a 20 foot slip will be reimbursed at the daily rate of $4.19, or $96.37.  A member with a 28 foot slip would be reimbursed $137.31, and a 30 foot slip member $144.67.

All reimbursements will be applied to (deducted from) next year’s membership and slip fees.  Reimbursements will only be made to accounts that are current and upon receipt of a completed Membership Agreement.

Cost:  There is no cost to members with annual slip, storage, or membership agreements.  Seasonal slip members can obtain coverage at additional cost.  Reimbursement will not exceed the monthly total for slip, storage, or membership in any 30 day period.